Heat Exchangers

G & T Projects has become an Internationally renowned company and has built its reputation on the quality of products manufactured and services offered, speed of supply and overall service provided as standard to our clients.


Our range of products includes Air Cooled Heat Exchangers, Shell Tube Heat Exchangers, Finned Tube Heat Exchangers, Plate Type Heat Exchangers, Air Cooled Condenser , Air Fin Cooler , Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger , Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers, Aluminium Heat Exchangers, Stainless Steel, Copper Heat Exchangers, Air Heat Exchangers, Compact Heat Exchangers, Double Pipe Heat Exchangers, Marine Heat Exchangers, Tubular Heat Exchangers, Water Heat Exchangers, Plate Heat Exchangers, Air Cooled Heat Exchangers.


Apart from manufacturing activities, we undertake erection, commissioning and servicing of heat exchangers up to the satisfactory performance of the customers. Our back bone is our fully equipped infrastructure, timely delivery and 24 hours dedication of service network. We also undertake customized solutions like design, upgradation etc.


Quality Profile


G & T Heat Exchangers is committed to its customer satisfaction through supply of quality products with continual development and improvement to its product processing system. It assures the quality of each and every product.


G & T Heat Exchangers are carefully designed, analyzed and tested with latest software from thermal design, mechanical, selection of raw materials, witnessing of pressure testing as per specifications and the quality is tested with its own quality control departments.


We outfitted with proficient engineers and employees and updated technology. Production stage is well planned and screened with our production planning department. Our products undergo various quality checks before leaving the company premises like metallurgy, X-Ray Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Penetration testing. Also, Third Party inspection agency and Engineers are also arranged for Quality assurance based on the customer needs.


Vacuum and Condenser Systems


Vacuum Systems


Three stage vacuum system with pre-condensers with multiple ejectors for each stage for Belgium refinery with pre-condensers.

Three stage vacuum system with multiple ejectors for lube oil refinery in the United Kingdom, with aluminium bronze water boxed.


Package Units


Two stage ejector system with pre-condenser, for a de-salination plant in Dubai. Mounted on its own platform with walkways and ladders.


Hybrid system consisting of ejectors and liquid ring vacuum pumps for crude oil vacuum distillation tower, this shows complete liquid ring vacuum pump package.


Two stage ejector package system with twin element two stage ejection, for installation with a surface condenser.


Repair and Maintenance Service


Round The Clock Repair


Keeping your shell and tube or air cooled heat exchanger on line is as vital to our reputation as it is to your production.

Our repair and maintenance team are always on standby to minimize down-time and ensure that you meet your constant production objectives.


A Team Ready To Move

Permanently on hand to deal with emergencies or planned refurbishment programmes that require the fastest possible turn-round.

Our standby team is always ready to move and are backed by one of the world’s most technologically manufacturing facilities in the UK.



Quality With Speed


Even with our fast turn-round, we never compromise on quality. You will see from our accreditations that we are totally committed to providing engineering standards with worldwide recognition.

When you telephone our services lines, the call goes direct to the team that will be responsible for action.


Specialised Techniques

Different metals call for different welding techniques.


After over 60 years in manufacturing, we have gained considerable experience and our operators are qualified to work with the following metals:


Carbon steel, stainless steel (all grades including duplex and super duplex), aluminium, bronze, admiralty brass, titanium, Monel, cupro-nickel and hastelloy.


Contract Service Tailored To Your Requirement


Highly skilled teams of engineers provide contract servicing for heat exchangers and support equipment throughout the world.


Long and short term contracts are available.


We carefully and accurately assess your needs before recommending a particular tailor-made maintenance programme.

Systems Tailored To Your Needs