Non Destructive Testing

The Inspection team of G & T Projects has many years of experience in all aspects of on-site and laboratory inspection, investigation, and assessment. Our certified technicians can provide all of the expertise you require, using ultrasonic, surface radiography inspections to determine integrity and corrosion; we have the expertise you require in the inspection and investigative field.


Our certified team of inspectors can perform non-destructive testing on project sites to evaluate the integrity of structures. Our team has performed such analyses nation- and worldwide, and will travel to your project site at a moment’s notice for emergency evaluations.


Our team is comprised of certified and experienced personnel approved to international standards such as PCN, CSWIP, ASNT. We also have a vast array of testing equipment. All of our testing equipment is calibrated on a routine basis in accordance with both national and international standards, and is ready to be put to use at a moment's notice.


The services offered by G & T Projects Inspection are:

  • Inspection

    • Engineering inspection

    • Aerospace inspection

    • Visual inspection

  • Non-Destructive Testing

    • Computerised Radiography

    • X-ray radiography

    • Ultrasonic

    • Ultrasonic thickness measurement

    • Magnetic particle inspection

    • Liquid penetrant inspection

  • Specilaised Services

    • Consultancy

    • Quality control

    • Quality assurance