G & T Engineering

G & T Engineering has developed as a prime contractor in the welding and fabrication of stainless and mild steel and exotic steel products for a wide variety of industry sectors including Petrochemical, Chemical, Construction, Energy, Paper and Food and Drink.


G & T Engineering was established in 1974 and is now situated on a spacious 10000m2 site. Excellent storage and road transport access enhance G & T's capabilities for very large projects.

The experienced workforce is committed to providing the customer with quality workmanship and service. G & T Engineering is capable of reacting quickly to changing requirements and specializes in both small and large batch projects.

The design team have the ability to advice on the most cost effective production methods for any contract, together with an expert project management staff to oversee from design through to installation worldwide.

Manufacturing Services

Storage Tanks and Hot Well Tanks

All Storage Tanks and Hot Well Tanks are made to customers' specific requirements in terms of materials, size, shape, capacity and connections required.  We fabricate tanks in Carbon, Stainless and all Exotic Steels, single or double skin and fully bonded if required.


The Carbon, Stainless and all Exotic Steels storage tanks range in thickness starting from 2.5mm and go up to 20mm. The sizing’s of the vessels are shop fabricated up to 4 metres in diameter by 20 metres long and site built up to 15 metres in diameter by 15 metres high. The tanks can be built with integral heating and cooling systems. They also take advantage of electric and steam heating to reduce carbon emissions. Heating and cooling temperatures range from -50°C and up.

All storage tanks can be fitted with the appropriate pipeworks, valves and tank fittings which are specifically designed, built and supplied to suit each customer’s specific requirements.


We offer a full turnkey project management service including storage tank design and manufacture, pipeworks, access and safety systems, designed and built to suit customer requirements.


Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers

G & T Engineering can fabricate pressure vessels in Carbon, Stainless and all Exotic Steels.

All Pressure Vessels are constructed to ASME VIII and PD5500: 2009 standards and are provided in line with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). Our welders and fabricators are coded to ASME IX and BS EN standards and hold all relevant health and safety certifications.

Our Pressure Vessels are used for both offshore and onshore applications.  These typically include:

  • Hyperbaric Chambers
  • Diving Systems
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Evaporators
  • Condensers
  • Steam Accumulators
  • Deaertors
  • Calorifiers

Pipework Fabrication

We provide a pipework fabrication and pipework installation service to suit all operational and process requirements. Pipework fabrication can be carried out within our workshop or onsite utilising a variety of different materials including Carbon, Stainless and all Exotic steels. We are also able to offer a pipework design service, which includes guidance on material specification, designing pipe routes, support requirements and advice on Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) implications.

Additionally we provide a number of services developed to facilitate a successful project. We carry out radiological, hydrostatic, hydraulic and pneumatic testing and inspection. Pipework can be thermally insulated and electric trace heated, following installation if required. Projects can be fully documented to suit any requirements to include material and consumables' certification, weld procedures, welder qualification, pressure test certification and non-destructive testing.

The projects that we undertake range from small stand alone pipework fabrication pieces through to high and low pressure system packages including vessel manufacture, steelwork, access and safety systems and a full turnkey project management service if required. In addition, we have experience in providing customers with modular pipework solutions such as pre-assembled pipe-racks, pre-assembled units, and skid or container mounted units. These can be manufactured from customer specific designs or developed by our in-house engineering resource liaising with our customer’s engineers.

QA & Standards

Quality Standards

At G & T Engineering, Quality Management Systems & procedures have been designed, developed & implemented with utmost precision and perfection hence, leave no stone unturned to offer quality products and services to our customers. The quality management system provides the management and operation teams with comprehensive documented procedures for every aspect of Contract Services & Supplies. G & T Engineering considers satisfying client's requirements and achieving project objectives as an essential quality issue. A commitment to quality is expected from all employees and the 'Think Quality’ philosophy is encouraged in all aspects of our operations.


Quality Police

It is our endeavour to manufacture products complying with customers' requirements and we are committed to attain International Leadership in Engineering and Manufacturing.

We will achieve this through:

  • Meeting statutory and regulatory requirements
  • By involvement of all employees in continual quality improvements
  • Establishing measurable quality objectives and performance indicators at relevant functions and levels.
  • A better level of in-built quality resulting in safe and reliable performance

Health, Safety and Environment Policy


We believe that safety and health environment at work place is extremely essential for all individuals engaged at work. We believe that such an environment will lead to overall quality improvement and growth of the organization. In order to attain and maintain high standard of safety, health and environment at work place, the same is ensured by:



  • All employees are adequately instructed about their duties and are trained in various aspects of safety, health and environment.
  • All individuals who work in factory premises strictly adhere to safety manual.
  • Safety, Health and Environment issues are integrated in all management decisions, especially in selection procedure of materials, machinery, equipment and also selection / placement of personnel
  • Necessary personal protective equipment are provided to employees and that are regularly used.
  • All the relevant statutory requirements as per various mandatory acts are met.
  • Potential hazards are periodically assessed and necessary precautionary measures taken proactively.
  • Interest and enthusiasm in safety efforts are promoted by recognition of good safety performance.