Our maintenance division is premised around providing solutions to our clients and ensuring that their equipment is running all the time.

We are involved in the overhauling of major components to advising clients on improved equipment availability. We can undertake maintenance provisions on long-term contracts or short term shut-downs.

It is our intention to establish ourselves as a caring company providing solutions to our clients through superior service to that of our competitors.

We always intend to achieve the following:


  • Improved efficiency
  • Shutdown maintenance service
  • Equipment breakdown services
  • Stripping and reassemble of different equipment e.g.
  • Pumps, gearboxes, general plant, heat exchangers, etc.


Quality Systems

Throughout the history of mankind quality has played as important role to determine the success and adherence to set standards. G&T Projects is committed to quality and safety systems. We have in-house quality system and we are also versatile enough to work to other company’s quality system as we have done with some projects.

We have manufactured products for overseas clients with strict quality standards to adhere to. This includes material certification, radiographic and ultrasonic testing by government approved inspection authority. We continuously monitor and improve on the quality of our products and personnel through continuous training.


Site Installation

G&T Projects has over the years acquired credible experience installing parts and components of various big projects globally.

We have established personnel with experience that has been established over many years.


We also have our own lifting equipment to meet with most of our installation capabilities especially in South Africa. We have maintained this capability and it allows us to provide turnkey solutions to those clients that require it.