Machining & Mechanical


Machining of different high precision spare parts and components based on the  drawings or sample example- shafts, screw conveyors, etc. The company has many  years of experience providing excellent service to various clients in the medium  and heavy industry.

Fabrication Structural Steel & Plate Work (Medium & Heavy)


We fabricate structural steel work for various equipment supports, building  services and other structures. Our expertise, workshop and experience  fabricating tanks, air receivers, Heat exchangers, Vacuum pans, diffusers, etc  is most enviable by our competition.

Exotic Welding


G & T has over 25 years of exotic welding experience, including precision  welding of specialty materials such as stainless, aluminium, and monel,  titanium, low tramp welding. Our certified welding professionals, with an  average of 20 years experience, insure that your projects are welded to your  specification – even x-ray quality. With our experience welding for petroleum,  sugar industry and other industries you can count on G & T to provide high  quality welds for all your exotic metals.

Installation, Maintenance and Repair Service

We offer a wide range of installation, maintenance and repair services  for commercial and industrial steam and gas, oil or coal-fired hot water  boilers. Our work includes welded repairs to steel boilers, boiler tubes,  refractory repairs and renewals, boiler mountings and fittings, repairing  calorifiers and tube bundles, and de-scaling boilers and calorifiers. We can do  more than this and have the skilled human resources available for any  requirement needed.


Our 24 hour, 7 day a week commercial and industrial boiler repair service  provides reliable and experienced engineers, who carry out large or minor  repairs including re-tubes and coded welding pressure vessel repairs.


If you are interested in our installation, maintenance and repair service for  your organisation simply contact us and let us know what your needs  are.

Turnkey Project Management

Our Turnkey Project Management provides a service that places the end-to-end responsibility of running key projects with G & T’s professionals, so you know your project is in safe hands.


We use our engineering expertise along with our practical experience to  ensure your project is managed in a structured and efficient manner. We help  optimise your people resources whilst considering complex production  environments and most importantly, ensuring the entire process is as transparent as possible through a robust system of communication and control.